Frisco Sprinkler Installation

Full Service Sprinkler Repair Specialists

the Frisco Sprinkler Installation team adds an addition to an existing systemOur Frisco sprinkler installation and repair techs have been delivering great service since we first opened our doors. We know how important a functioning sprinkler system can be and the time that you lose when you have to hand water. Even though sprinkler systems are very precise in their nature, we've been working with them so long that we can usually have them tuned up and ready to go within a few hours of our arrival. Of course, if there is a large issue, like a broken delivery line or a master controller failure, it might take a bit longer. Still, no matter what we run into, we'll be able to take care of it. You'll always know exactly how the job is going and if we locate additional problems during the fix you'll be told right away.

We always give you a written and signed estimate before we begin working on your project. This way you know exactly what needs to be fixed and what the cost for it will be. In the case that we do find that more work needs to be done, we'll draw up a new estimate that covers the extra work. You are under no obligation to have it done and we will never just go ahead and do an unauthorized repair and add it to your bill.

No Job Too Big.....No Job Too Small

Whether you have a large commercial property or a small residential yard, you'll get treated with the same respect and attention to detail. We make it our business to make sure everything we do is done to save you money. Here's a list of the most common jobs we do:

  • a tech checks the valve connectionsValve location and repair
  • Electrical line location and repair
  • Leaks in the main
  • PVC and poly based system repair
  • Tune ups
  • Below ground irrigation
  • System additions
  • Rerouting
  • we will install and program a new system controllerController, clock and timer adjustments and programming
  • Shut off valve installation and repair
  • Winterization and blow out service
  • Spring start up
  • System optimization
  • Drip irrigation line installation and repair
  • Pop up head replacement and repair
  • Individual rotor service
  • Underground leak detection