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Our Frisco Sprinkler Repair team suggests planting buffalo grass to save on watering costsOur Frisco sprinkler repair team always keeps up on the bigger trends in the landscaping industry. One of the more interesting changes is the trend toward using native grasses. This is because, in the United States, commercial and residential lawns cover about 40 million acres. That's more than any traditional agricultural crop. Because of this over 800 million gallons of gas, $5.2 billion of fossil-fuel made fertilizers and $700 million in pesticides are used in their upkeep. And it is estimated that two thirds of the available drinking water used every year goes to watering lawns. What if there was a way to reduce your impact and save money on water and upkeep?

The University of Texas at Austin's Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center did a study over the course of two years that compared Bermuda grass, the most common lawn turf in Texas, with native alternatives that consisted of buffalo grass or a combination of local grasses. Buffalo grass and the mixed grasses greened up faster in the spring and stayed up to 30% more lush during the dry summer months when put on the same watering schedule as the Bermuda grass. Additionally, when the grasses went unfertilized, the buffalo grass still performed remarkably well while the Bermuda grass suffered from serious weed invasion. The mixed grasses performed even better than the uniform buffalo grass. They showed almost a 100% greater resistance to dandelion invasion than either of the two other choices.

Let's Save You Some Cash

By replacing your current lawn cover, presumably Bermuda grass, you could feasibly reduce your water usage by upwards of 30% without seeing any visible difference in your lawn. You could also reduce the number of time you need to fertilize. While our Frisco sprinkler repair techs are generally looked to for sprinkler related information. We are far more than that. We know what plants will work well in our area and specifically in your yard. Call us now and let our techs help you reduce your water use through native plantings.